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IntegrationWorks are experts in providing their full services catalogue across Data Integration, Application Integration and Systems Integration. IntegrationWorks have delivered over 350 projects in over 10 years of operation for their clients, harnessing the expertise from consulting architects, integration developers, devOps and 24/7 support teams.

IntegrationWorks are partnered with all major integration software vendors in the market. With this vendor agnostic approach, their deliverables can be implemented through a number of platforms or technologies from the likes of IBM, Red Hat, MuleSoft, Apigee, Oracle or WSO2.

IntegrationWorks use proven open industry frameworks as base for their bespoken integration developments, while adding their own specialist expertise to deliver more value for clients. This approach allows to use their own organisational structures, delivery methods and metrics to ensure that the integration solution is efficient, delivers to budget, and mitigates any risks.