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Revera and Stack Alliance partner CommVault streamline petabyte data management.

  • Revera Government IaaS Service: Backup/Restore as a Service
  • Stack Alliance partner: CommVault
  • Service highlights: Failsafe data access exactly when and how you need it
  • Key partner technology: CommVault Simpana
  • Delivery: From Revera's Homeland™ data centre network

New data management technology has automated once interventionist management processes necessary for backup and restoration. Client friendly controls, like dashboards, have helped to recast data management as a service, putting clients in control of their own data management and redefining infrastructure and platform as-a-service offerings.

Revera and CommVault are at the forefront of the data management services revolution.

Backup/Restore as a Service snapshot

Revera's Backup/Restore as a Service, defined in the Revera Government IaaS Service Catalogue, offers two principal backup/restore service streams: one is Revera managed and the other is managed by Participating Agencies themselves.

Services are uniquely flexible, accommodating multiple client and data centre sites, production and operating systems, backup agents, network connections, schedules and SLAs. Buying is templated according to per GB data volumes, VMs, and additional storage media consumption.

Delivered from Revera's Homeland data centre network, which provides utility computing spanning Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), disaster recovery (DR), and customised managed services offerings, CommVault Simpana provides underlying data management functionality.

Service platform features

CommVault's Singular Information Management toolset simplifies complex storage network management. Key functions include data protection, archiving, replication, search and resource management.

Simpana SnapProtect creates hardware snapshot copies within storage arrays, paving the way for hundreds of virtual machine backups in minutes, creating multiple recovery points throughout the day. Embedded de-duplication eliminates redundant data at the source, before it's sent over the network, reducing both bandwidth and operating costs.

CommVault Simpana Archive enables Revera clients to reduce the cost of long-term data retention and improve information governance. Moving data from tier-one disk to lower-cost tiers offers clients better control of common capacity management challenges associated with Microsoft Exchange, such as user quotas, PST file proliferation and database growth.

Revera Silver-lining DR, a hybrid cloud service allowing clients to instantly activate nominated servers and applications at any one of Revera's Homeland™ data centres, is based on CommVault Simpana Replication functionality.


CommVault Simpana software's multi-tenant architecture allows Revera to offer sharply priced backup and recovery services that meet strict SLAs, including zero-downtime, one-hour recoveries of Microsoft Exchange databases.

Unification is key, and on this count Revera is able to manage multiple client systems and data in a style that doesn't add deployment or administrative complexity as new clients are added.

More granularly, CommVault's distributed architecture, which uses local servers to perform backups before data is moved over the WAN, offered significant network efficiencies. Where once a central catalogue sent backup data over a wide-area network, extending backup windows and taxing bandwidth, Revera now manages a central repository for backup and recovery, which is faster and leaner.

Another plus was the availability of CommVault's local support team to assist Simpana software rollouts, trouble-free upgrades and streamlined support of multiple versions.